History FAQs

Q. Who was J.P. Fitzgerald?
A. John Patrick Fitzgerald was the father of Patricia Brunner and grandfather of Robert Brunner. Born 1901 - 1990; Married to Dorothy (McConnell); Parents came to USA from Dingle Bay, Ireland.

Q. Was John Patrick Fitzgerald Marshall in the Buffalo St. Patrick's Day Parade?
A. Yes, Fitzgerald served twice as Marshall of the parade.

Q. How did J.P. Fitzgerald's get its name?
A. In late 1989, John Patrick Fitzgerald (grandfather of Robert Brunner) gave his blessings to name Hamburg's newest restaurant "J.P. Fitzgerald's"

Bar FAQs

Q. Can I run a bar tab?
A. Yes, simply give the bartender your credit card. After your tab is settled, the bartender will return your card to you.

Q. How do I close my bar tab?
A. Just ask the bartender to close your tab for you and he will give you a copy to sign and a copy to keep.

Q. What if I leave without closing my tab?
A. The bartender will close your tab out. A copy will be available in the office.

Q. Will a tip be added on to unclosed tabs?
A. Yes, a tip of 20% will be added to all unclosed tabs.

Q. Why do I see a $25 charge on my bank account?
A. The $25 is simply a pre-authorization on your account. This guarantees us that you have funds available to pay your bar tab.

Q. Why is the pre-authorization charge of $25 still showing up on my account the next day?
A. Pre-authorization will show up on your account for approximately one to two business days. We have no control over this, it is determined by your bank and/or bank's processor.

Restaurant FAQs

Q. Do you take reservations?
A. Yes, every night except Fridays.

Q. What is call ahead seating?
A. You can use this feature on Fridays. Call ahead seating will cut your wait time in half. Simply let us know when you arrive and that you called ahead with a seating time. We will then give you a pager and you can expect your wait time to be approximately half the time of the current wait time. Note: We only take a certain number of call aheads each Friday. Certain Fridays may take longer than normal.